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Our Story


AI TO YOU was started in 2017 by Ai Nguyen - lover of all things fashion & beauty related.


Unlike many of my fellow crafters, my story didn't start from my love for the arts from the get-go, but rather something that took form later in life and when it did, it hit fast. Many people that know me probably didn't see me as the "artsy type" as one would say, I grew up quite the opposite so not only did it come as a surprise to the people close to me, but also a happy surprise for myself.

After leaving my previous job as an associate brand manager, I decided to spend time traveling. The future was a blank slate and with nothing holding me back, I was fortunately able to visit parts of Asia and Europe. Not until my time in Berlin, Germany did I find inspiration in an unexpected place. With any trip to Germany, the Berlin Wall (East Side Gallery) is a must see stop. As we took in the amazing paintings, we came across a homeless man making I ❤ Berlin bicycles using wire to sell as souvenirs. At that moment, I was extremely proud for him and respected the man as he tried to make the most out of his situation. It made me reflect upon myself and my capabilities. Have I pushed my own boundaries? I was determined to do just forward a few months later, AI TO YOU was created, and here I am today trekking down a newly created dream. A dream shared through my minimalistic approach to jewelry making for those seeking minimal accents to complement their style. It all started from a trip that has allowed me to learn so much more about myself. I truly love what I do and the community that it has opened me up to. I look forward to the opportunities ahead, the incredible people to come, and many more experiences that this little business may bring.  


I'm PROUD to say that I'M the HANDS and BRAINS
behind EVERY ASPECT of the business, from DESIGNING and CREATING each one of your FAVORITE (or soon to be favorite) pieces to DIRECTLY meeting CUSTOMERS at weekly pop ups.

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They focus on providing high-quality handcrafted minimalist jewelry for those seeking minimal accents to compliment their style. They aspire to be timeless and simplistic in the pieces that they design (and they totally crush it!) ⁣



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