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Kite Illusionist Earrings
Kite Illusionist Earrings

Kite Illusionist Earrings

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A unique innovative take on earrings that gives you the illusion of multiple piercings but in reality only requires one. 
This fun modern earrings also double up as conventional classic drop/dangle earrings. 
2 in 1 earrings that are minimalist yet edgy. 

How to wear:
Insert the longer segment of the earrings through your normal lobe piercing. Thread the earrings until the short segment sits comfortably in the dip at the top of your ear.

These earrings can be made in Sterling Silver (925), 14K Gold Filled or 14K Rose Gold Filled. 

Size: Approx. 5 cm x 3.8 cm

 Anti-tarnish tab included for Sterling Silver 

All items are completely handmade by me, so please expect slight variations as specially unique to your piece.